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Originally Posted by P_Funk View Post
I was thinking maybe you could just have some minimalist external gui that lets you basically import the status of the crew from the game including compartments they're in and then it could just have presets you press to change crew making it so that you'd still have to pause the game or bring it to 1x at rotation time but that you could avoid the need to keep changing people around one by one.
Hmmm... It sounds interesting but I don't know...
I would like something like Hitman suggested a while back. Maybe the only way is to go through an external program. But in that case, it suddenly doesn't seems worth it. It gets too messy. Maybe if it could be incorporated in SH3 Commander, so that there is one app to rule 'em all. But that's not likely to be happening.
Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
It would be nice to see the crew rotate in full watch sections, i.e. in the german UBoats there was a "Port" and a "Starbord" watch, which rotated every 4 hours (I think it was 4, NYGM readme has accurate information about this). Even if the player wants to drag a crewmember around for exceptional situations (Attacks), could you make the crew rotate in those 2 watches
Sublynx also provided an interesting solution (#142). I had some logically and programming concerns about it, but I can't recall what it was. Maybe we could work out something based on his thought.

Originally Posted by P_Funk View Post
Another question. Is there anything that can be done about the way the game resets the lunar cycle to what it was at the start of your patrol everytime you load a save? Maybe some way to directly inject into the game the current date on the lunar calendar or something?
I've never thought about it. Is it wrong as it is?
I guess it's possible.
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