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hi, is this compatible with steibler? i saw was compatible wiyh hsie.
I will test it.

I have an idea for a simple but realistic fix, you can't fire nor change pistol (until mid 42) with out 4 sailor or a minimum level of performance( I prefer last). Please considered it for future.

About fatigue,I love it and I'm good with gwx/and charging a little the basic file to change the fatigue proportion in different compartment. I think patch would be the most simple possible, referred to this, I would be pleasure if the patch could drop down performance by a value related to time (counting variable ) , with out floor, so you should left convoy if they are to stressed like in reality.

I have a question related with morale, game uses it? Because employ that concept would be beautiful. Always I have consisted it should increment with destroyed units, a little with send contract, drop down by time (very slow) and that value multiplied by hull integrity, and then multiplied in performance of compartment.

Other things interesting would be, maximum of days in sea by starvation, no water nor food (days counter implement, expanded by docking in supply ship or milk cow, for real navigation replace course plotter by a command to put a Mark in that position with clear sky (more complex could be done to generate random displacement), Another good one is that officer say land spoted, but it can recall continue spoting., and the most important, hydrophone in swipping and radar may say how many contracts are spoted after a complete turning. They are only ideas I hope some one could implement one day.

thanks. We live works like this.

tested no crash, and wo is great really
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