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Sometimes when making small talk with the crew, the conversation screen just closes and you have to click your crewman and redo the conversation to finish it. Also, crew members keep turning from side to side in some conversations.

Crew clipping. Maybe not a bug, but it sure blows when you try to find an officer and you find out you're occupying his "spot" and is thus invisible. Crew should be solids, and should react to your presence and get out of way when needed. This should apply to crew on the watch as well.

Water tiling! A graphics bug that might be a limitation of the game engine, but should never have been permitted to remain in SH5. And I'm seeing it a lot. Clear patterns in ocean waves when seen from certain angles is an immersion-killer that looks dreadful. The water in SH5 would be very good without this problem.

Binoculars. On the bridge, when you are in free-look mode (having pressed rightmousebutton), and then roll the mousewheel forward for the binoculars and then roll it back to stop using binoculars, you are no longer in free-look mode. Irritating when you're trying to do quick sweeps of the horizon.

You get a popup at the start of SH5 saying "Save games synchronized with server" even if you've turned off save-game uploading,

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