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Originally Posted by irish1958
On my last patrol, I Alt-tab to desktop and kept a running log in notepad with entries every day. For appearances, I felt the entries should not exceed 30 or 40 characters; and each line must be followed by | not period (.)
At the end of the patrol, I then copied and pasted the notepad log entries into the patrol log.
I ended with a detailed, day by day log, followed by ship sinking dates, ship names, time of sinking, tonnage, and then the partol summary.
All in all a very satisfactory log.

Great work, JSCones; thanks.

FYI if you start recording your notepad entries in a format like this:

19400125,130,"Grid AN 44|This is a real event"
19400125,1211,"Grid AN 54|Another real event"
19400128,2200,"Grid AN 54|Real event, number 3"
19400129,1715,"Grid AL 24|Real event 4"
you'll be able to import them in bulk with the next release of the editor.

Alternatively, you can use any tool that allows export to comma or tab delimited files (in other words I'm no longer planning on developing a dedicated tool just for this task).
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