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Originally Posted by hauangua View Post
Hi Tyco
I understand and you are right ... no need geographic map!! me too wanted play "real nav" without sub or contact on the map... and I ask you... you how do you triangulate your position? using "lighthouse mod for nygm"?... or?
Near the shore, I use dead reckoning and fixes by a whole set of principles for coastal navigation, that I know. You can teach yourself from the internet.

Far from the shore I use pseudo navigation. Dead reckoning again, plus making fixes through ctrl+left click. If the weather get worse and I don't see the sky, I don't make position fix and continue with dead reckoning.
This requires self control, nothing can stop you to make the fix, but don't do it.

And, the most fun part is the plotting of other ships.
Here you come to the world of Relative motion.
Learn things like, Maneuvering board and Radar plotting (even without radar it have all bunch of applications).

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
So, you have only 3 depth levels on the map
Yes, completely enough.

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
And here is the result with 9 depth levels.

And here a darker version, with more readable depth levels
I don't like dark for the deeper, the feeling of nautical chart is lost, and is impractical for drawing/plotting.
But, if you are happy with this, all is good. I don't impose my opinion.

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Is it possible to first patch Sh3.exe with Enhanced Map Drawing, and then patch it with H.Sie fixes and Stiebler add-on ?
No, don't do that. H.Sie patch will not recognize the sh3.exe after that.
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