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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
One question : How do you convert a specific color into bytes ?
Most graphic editors have field for the colors in hex values. If not, the net is full of such converters.

The words in .exe are reversed, you need to read backwards.
So, if your color is RGBA: 1F45B4FF
In .exe it must be ABGR: FF B4 45 1F
Be careful to not revers a byte value itself, B4 must stay B4 not 4B.

Originally Posted by hauangua View Post
Where i wrong?...i think colour problem.... or this colour is good? .i play with NYGM
I do not understand exactly what colors you target, grids or terrain or water, but:
All colors are as I like. I even don't have relief for terrain, this is my personal variant:

I search for feeling of nautical charts, not a geographic map.
I play without my boat on map, so I do a lot of drawing/ploting, and I need clean map without distractions.
But, the point is, that all these are easy customisable and everyone may do their own variants.
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