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I'd like to thank the NYGM team for their fabulous work! The XXIII is really so much fun The only little disturbing thing I noticed is the position when on the bridge (F4) because of the UZO right before your nose. The way around this prob is adding

search,UseInitialLocalPos,2,byte,>2,UseInitialLoca lPosition
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>2,Captainīs viewpoint X-Value
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>6,Captainīs viewpoint Y-Value
search,InitialLocalPos,4,single,>10,Captainīs viewpoint Z-Value

to the minitweaker's NSS_Uboat21_cam.txt. Then alter the Y-Value to 0.1867 or whatever you want, making you see over the UZO.

The idea comes from the tweakfiles from DivingDuck and is only added by myself to the 21_cam, as this was the only file missing in his package.

Beide Maschinen AK voraus, hart backbord, auf 107 Grad gehen! Anlauf beginnt!...NYGM 3.0

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