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Yes, being sent to the north-eastern Adriatic in March 1942 (or at *any* time!) is a pretty poor patrol area.
I wonder how it arose originally? Anyway, thanks for the information, and I shall correct it.

Incidentally, don't forget that SH3Patrol (included with NYGM) will reassign patrol areas for you (although not for the very first patrol of a career):

SH3Commander uses the devs' original tables in flotilla.cfg for grid assignments. These grids are assigned according to your current flotilla, regardless of how inappropriate they may be (eg being directed from Norway in late 1944 with a giant IXD2 into the heavily-patrolled English Channel!)

SH3Patrol uses its own table created from a sampled and verified selection of patrol grids, taking only the most common patrol areas. These grids apply to your current U-boat type, the date, and the base. SH3Patrol mostly alters files different from SH3Commander, so that the two mods do not conflict.

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