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Default Unable to patch SH3.exe with H.sie patch

Hey Gentlemen:

I've got a little problem. I'm setting up NYGM Tonnage War with all of the different parts. I'm trying to patch my SH3.exe with the H.sie v1.6B1 patch. I'm using an original copy of SH3.exe but every time I try to install the patch, it tells me it can't find an original SH3.exe file. Both are in the same folder. I used the 4GB patch on my SH3.exe file before attempting H.sie's patch. Is that the reason the patch is failing to work? Should I start with an SH3.exe file that does not have the 4GB patch. Before I saved my vanilla copy of SH3 I patched it with the 4GB patch. Trying to save some work.

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