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Originally Posted by Jeff-Groves View Post
Take into account that the terrain in SH3 is pretty much a guess and limited by how it is created and edited.

For every 3D model you create, depending on where you place it?
You will need to make more.

I can see editing of the terrain as a partial fix.
Just gonna depend on where you put them.
Not at all.


Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Location unit

+ icon is visible anywhere on the map, it's also possible to add colors to the icon
+ always placed at the same altitude, whatever the depth of the sea

- 3D model placed into/under the ground if the land is higher than 5 meters.
- not possible to custom the LH with an .eqp file

Land unit

+ no problem if placed on a land with altitude (will always be placed on the ground)
+ possible to custom the LH with an .eqp file

- altitude depending on the depth of the sea (the 3D model can be submerged)
- visible on the map only when in visual range, always green icon (for neutral units) but this
can be solved by this trick : a land unit with no icon + in the locations.cfg file (at same placement) with no 3D model but with the icon of LH visible from everywhere !
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