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ORP Błyskawica and ORP Grom were previously (just after building) equipped with two DC racks and 20 BH 200 DCs onboard, some authors say about two additional Thornycroft DC throwers (don't know specific model), but probably that is a mistake.
For sure ORP Błyskawica (ORP Grom was lost in 1940 during German invasion of Norway) was equipped with four Thornycraft Mk.IV DCTs after 20 June 1941.

If we are talking about ORP Burza and ORP Wicher (similar to French Bourrasque destroyers) that their antisubmarine weapons looked like this:
1. from building to 1939 they were equipped with two DC racks for 20 BH 200 DCs supply and one Thornycroft DCT for 10 BH 200 supply, but some authors say that DCT was removed in 1934 (ORP Wicher was sunk by German planes in September 1939).
2. from 1940 to 1942 two DC racks for 20 DCs supply and two Thornycroft DCTs for 20 DCs supply.
3. from 1942 to 1945 two DC racks, four Thornycroft Mk.IV DCTs and one Hedgehog.

I hope it helps you with your work mate

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