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Default gun-sight dam fix

For "Steel Fury Kharkov 1942"

Just a small file to help with the Steel Fury dreaded gun-sight damage that happens much too often.

A lot of people have made concerns over the gun sight damaged way too easy

What happens is almost 60-70% of the time when something explodes by your tank, gun-sights get damaged, a you are forced to look through a whited out cracked site that you can barely barely see out of.

IN real war tank did get sights damaged, but it was RARE.

It's more real to have no damage, then have it damaged 50-60-75% of time.

I fixed it so when your sight gets damaged, you only see the cracks on the very outer edges of the optic view.. you can still tell it, but your center view is like normal.

Install into mods folder, use JSGME enable it.

Feel free to upload file on another site if you like

happy hunting

here is the download link.
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