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Thank you for your confidence.

Good idea. But, unfortunately, we have no idea how to make SH3 metal wet or shiny. If you prompt us a method, we with pleasure and gratitude use it.
Download will be after the full completion of the work with the type VII.

Саня, хорош тебе уже меня перехваливать. В каждой области модифицирования игры есть свои чемпионы. Может быть, я сделал хорошие лодки, но я не способен сделать другое. Зато, это способны сделать другие парни. Ты,например, тоже сделал шикарный мод широкого формата, который до тебя сделать никто не мог. Всё относительно.
Sanya, you already overpraise me. In each area of modifying the game has the own champions. )) Maybe I made a good boat, but I'm not able to do more. But, it can make the other guys. You, for example, also made a mod chic wide format that until you do, no one could. Everything is relative.
Alex, I understand you. Yes, you're right. This is our inattention. Justifies me only then, that this 88-mm gun (like all other guns), belongs to the authors Ubisoft. We did not pay attention to them. Thanks for competent remark. We'll think about it.
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