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Exlellent work on this viic, Wise

Originally Posted by Wise View Post


I'm sorry but it's impossible. The matter is that the texturing provides strict compliance UVW-coordinate 3d-model. Your texture will not match with UVW our models. Moreover, our model have several materials (1 to 4). This means, for example, the hull has at least four texture. To make any skin, it necessary to draw is not on one side, and on four textures. Also with turm's. I can say that in our plans is the creation of the most famous skins boats VII-type. And a couple of simple, "shabby, with rust."
it is not 'my' texture Wise,
it is the texture you (Kovall and Wise) made at the previous models that you released. the awesome texturing that i am talking about is showing at these pics here:

is it possible to adapt it at your final models ?
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