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Bracer said:
When I launch the app before starting SH3 it says "Listening...", is that correct behavior or should the app hide it self when I launch it? But then the app should react when I say something in the mic right??
Must get this mod working.....
Hey! Yep that's perfectly normal. Leave the Dos window up (or minimize it if you wish - just don't close it) and just start up SH3 as you normally would (with or without SH3Commander). In fact, you can run SH3Speech without even starting up SH3. Once that box is up and listening, give some orders and you should see within the box that SHSpeech is processing your orders. If it's not processing any orders, most likely cause is that your microphone isn't passing voice info to your computer. Check your windows volume control and make sure the microphone is the selected input device.

Have fun! When you are finished playing SH3, and have shut down SH3, just shut down SH3Speech as well.
Download the latest version of SH3Speech - Voice Recognition in English and German for SH3:
SH3Speech Version 1.01
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