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Friedl9te said:
What I really meant is not two(or more) different commands but two or more slightly different phonetivc versions for the same pronounciation. They all adress the same issue. The recengine is not made to understand german so this way gives a better chance that it understands german commands. I played around with it, just the speech window open and gave this commands and it was interesting to see that the recengine regognizes all of the Versions I filtered out thus enhancing the chance of correct interpretation up to nearly 100%
Ah I see. Basically, you are simply "personalizing" your version of SH3Speech for the way you pronounce (your dialect) to help minimize errors for you - that's excellent! I am not a natural German speaker, and even with some fine help from Jaeger on the German commands, my phonetics may not all be "100%" for the way many natural speaking Germans might pronounce. Have at it, Freidl9te - whatever works best for you! Hope you are enjoying the program.

Bracer said:
I have troubles getting Sapi 5.1 to work properly, I'm using Vista!? Anyone else had any troubles with Vista and sapi?

edit: Apperantly the Swedish version of Vista doesn't support speech recognition, and I can't find any work-around.....
Damn I hate Sweden.....
Bracer, I wasn't aware of any issues with Vista, but I don't run Vista (gotta stay with XP Pro!) Sorry to hear that. Not much I can do for you there. Maybe Minsc_tdp has some info that could help.

OLC said:
So far I'm impressed!

As ever, MS voice recognition sometimes gets it wrong but of course this is nothing to do with the mod itself, which is really good. I was a bit (in the good way) the first time my mouse went off and carried out a command on it's own!

Great work and thanks!
Gotta love it when you get the OLC "Good Housekeeping" Seal of Approaval :rotfl:
Glad you are enjoying it. Another nice feature is that you don't HAVE to use it all the time - you can do voice orders when you want or just mouse and keyboard when you don't feel like yelling at your crew to do stuff

Download the latest version of SH3Speech - Voice Recognition in English and German for SH3:
SH3Speech Version 1.01
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