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Default Couple of questions...

I was shadowing two Polish warships last night and due to it being night and myself at around 8500m away from the warships, I surfaced and sent a contact report.

A short while later, maybe 20 mins-ish, two aircraft appeared overheard and began to attack at the two warships. Eventually, the warships shot both aircraft down. On the second aircraft being shot down, I noticed a deployed parachute slowly falling from the sky where the last aircraft had been shot at.

The parachute landed in the water and the ships stop shooting.

My first question is, can you head in the direction of where the parachute is to, for example save the pilot or is it not a possibility within the SH5?

Second question is, a few times I have been informed by my crew that there is one of ours subs at a bearing XXX. I see the sub on the surface then it dives again. Is it possible to contact the subs and transmit messages to them?

As usual, thanks for your advice guys!
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