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Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
Was thinking of hosting a flight on a weekly basis, Ka-50 one week and A-10C the next. Focus will be on just flying the thing, at least untill we can get people together that are both capable and interested in flying it into combat.

Basically a ramp start, take-off, low-level scenic flight and a landing. I'll set up basic firing ranges at both the start and end locations, so people who just want to mess around a bit before or after can head over there.

I'm thinking about only setting up the flight lead with a flightplan, so wingmen will have to practice their navigation and formation flying. (not expecting tight formation, just keep in contact with flight lead)

You don't have to be familiar with the weapons deployment, but of course a decent understanding of flying it is desireable. For example, if we fly the Ka-50 over a mountain ridge, it's a good thing to know where the anti-icing switch is at. Also, you don't have to be familiar with airport procedures. For example, if you want to do a rolling take-off and a landing from hover, then that's up to you. Not going to force anyone to stick to exact procedure.

Both TeamSpeak2 and TeamSpeak3 servers are available.

I would suggest Wednesday or Thursday nights, perhaps both if there's enough interest. Could do Ka-50 one night and A-10C the next.

Anyone interested?
I'm in.... PM me
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