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In Port: Deck Gun & crew fix. Yes it's a common issue, here's a good thread by wolfeinsamer that may help you fix it:

and Coletrains:

also neumanf15's:

Coletrains (post #14) in this thread:

At least we can fix it now. Usually happens if you change the gun from fore to aft or vice versa from where it was when first installed. Sometimes it just happens.

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wolfeinsamer's fix for deck gun crew slots disappearing.
After digging around I have found a really simple method to fix the problem of the deck gun crew slots disappearing.

Simply open the ActiveUserPlayerUnits.upc file in a text editor, and remove all instances of "AdditionalRepository". I was able to do this with 1 easy find and replace command. The file can be found in the SH4 folder in your documents. ../SH4/data/cfg/SaveGames/*/ActiveUserPlayerUnits.upc

What you are doing is changing the lines like:
[UserPlayerUnit 1.Compartment 9.CrewMemberSlotAdditionalRepository 1]
to read.....
[UserPlayerUnit 1.Compartment 9.CrewMemberSlot 1]
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