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Originally Posted by Pandur View Post
i just discovered this, it looks splendid. the second you guys go on steam early access you got my money. probably twice as i gift this to a RL friend of mine.

now my question is connected to that; i read its meant for 4 player coop, but i only got 1 friend that is interessted to play sims, so i possibly will have to play with 2 players. is that possible or do you absolutely need 4?

is it possible to control the boat with 2 players even if both will be rly busy?

anyways, i am thrilled to throw my money at you when this goes on EA, good luck gentleman!
if its only half the thing i expect it gona be epic

Thanks! Yes, two players can manage the boat, but as you suggested, they will be pretty busy.

It works for me
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