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Originally Posted by mengle View Post
U-47 you have done a great job
but make sure that those ships and planes of your "Wolf ocean mod" can be seen in the campaign with other great mods like "ST NAZ and schluese and other units mod" for example, that you don't make the same mistake i did with "community units mod" that i had tested
Well,as you see,these units are made for WO3.3,so there is a problem.WO3.3 is a mod with different zone system to V1.4 or other mods.I made a "really" zone system for all the WO3.3 units.For example,in V1.4,the highest armor of ship is just 100(you can see these data in S3D,battleships just have armor from 80 to 100,and cruisers about 40~70).And their hit points are also not enough,a DD may have 200 hit points,and battleship just have about 800~1000,that means,a battleship could take damage as 4 or 5 destroyers at most,that's not reall.A 40000t battleship=4 2000t destroyers?!This must be kidding!
And,we know,armor of captain ships are different in different postion.For example,Bismarck,its bow protected by 70mm armor,and its waterline protected by 320mm armor,both sides protected by 145mm armor,so on.And,in V1.4 or most of mods I know,the whole ship is protected by the same armor.You hit the bow or the waterline,there get no difference at all,they're both 90 or 96,such armor data like that.
So,I wish if you understand what called "really zone system"I talk about right now.And,if you put these ships into V1.4 or other mod,they'll hard as a stone,couldn't be sink.
I can rewrite these ships' armor and hit points data,so they can more like a normal ship,but,pay attention,they could still harder than really normal ship.
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