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Originally Posted by bert8for3
OLC, if you're still around, would you mind terribly giving some advice to me on installing Thomsen's Sound Pack. I know it's none of your biz, but I was starting to wade through the 12 pages in that thread to find the answer, not finding it yet, but notice you're using TSP I think.

Installing TSP over OLCUber, JSGME gives me a conflict message ""Commands_en.cfg" has already been altered by the "OLC GUI Special for OLCE2" mod.
"en_menu.txt" has already been altered by the "OLC GUI Special for OLCE2" mod."

I assume this would foul up OLCUber. If I reverse the order and put on TSP first will that work?

Sorry for 1 asking and 2 going OT here.
I took a look at V3 of the soundpack.

Enabling PTS then OLCU will mean that Thomsen's CTRL+S shortcut (to make the engine startup sound) will not work. Everything else should work.

Enabling OLCU then PTS will mean the Rudder Amidships button (recently added to OLC GUI Special) will not work, and all the in-game text will still look like GWX 1.03, but otherwise everything should be OK.
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