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Default Two New Anomalies

In a career patrol assigned to drop an agent on Honshu, on 10/4/43 (12:59), position 143-15E, 41-14N, encountered a Yubari Class Light Cruiser in a mixed convoy of 5-6. The turrets on the Yubari are black; rest of skin looks ok.

Same patrol, on 10/8/43 (14:34) at 142-17E, 39-36-30 (approximate) encountered a five ship convoy travelling NNE in line with a single DDE escort. Curiosity and impatience got the better of me, so I used the "next ship" camera to check them out. The first ship in the convoy was surrounded by burning ships that were either jutting up into the air or completely in the air off the sea surface! My targeted convoy just sailed right through the firestorm. I then used the free camera to zoom to the convoy, only to see it serenely sailing along with no other ships in sight, burning or not. I have pictures, but if I attach them they will be thumbnails. Don't know if that will be of much use.

Upon dropping the agent I saw smoke in the direction of MIYAKO, so I investigated with the free camera. There I found the burning and wrecked ships run aground or burning at the docks. By "aground", I mean some were hundreds of feet uphill from the harbor facilities. Very strange that the "next ship" camera would place them in my target convoy when they were actually miles away in Miyako, and stranger still to see them up the side of a hill.

My picture (.bmp) are 1920x1080 and won't upload.

EDIT: Pictures in a new entry below.
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