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Originally Posted by mark bonamer View Post learns as they move through life....
the .Net 4.5 version that i just downloaded is exactly the same as the one available here: 2.0.4.
To keep other users straight, the LAA version bonamer is referring to (from this SubSim download, posted by Webster) is not the same version of LAA that works with an .NetFramework version 4.5.

The date of the LAA version for a .NetFramework v3.5/2.0 which is "" was put on this SubSim Download 07-31-2012.

The LAA for a .NetFramework v4.0 and later (v4.0/4.5) is "" was put onto the Large Address Aware site in mid 2016...when Windows 10 was released.

These two versions of LAA are different! Intended to work with the two different .NetFramework versions that are on computers today.....either version 3.5/2.0; or version 4.0/4.5.

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