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Originally Posted by padi View Post
Yes for sure as well as the DCs, but I'm not working on the hedgehog at the moment, this is scheduled after the DCs.

Originally Posted by padi View Post
But if mikey is working on the hedgehog I think that I don't work on them so that our mods could become compatible and both works could be used simulaneusly.
I think mikey is more focused on graphic/3d stuff, and you on file tweaking. Imo tou should work in a team

Originally Posted by padi View Post
Is the fuze cap disappearing under water?
I believe caps were removed just before the weapon was fired, while hedgehogs were still loaded on their thrower. I don't remember how the hedgehog is set in game, but I think the thrower model has its own inbuilt projectiles, which are on a separate model than the ammo itactually fires. If that was true, a good compromise would be having capped projectiles attached to the thrower model, and uncapped ones as its ammo. I hope I made myself clear
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