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Originally Posted by gap View Post
On average, a little more than 2,400 polygons for the depth charges, and almost 1,000 for the arbors. Do you think they are too much? there is still some space for downsampling them...
The US-type DCs in the guns_UK have about 1000, without arbors. That later Brtish throwers had the arbors built-in.

Originally Posted by gap View Post
That's what I had planned. DC barrels and arbors are separate models. I think it is impossible making arbors to detach themselves in midair, and to fall down in the water following a different trajectory that their barrels. Nonetheless, we can place them on a child node of the barrel node, and attach to them a VisibleUnderwater controller set to false. What do you think?
That could be a good compromise. The later British (and likely also the US) throwers had built-in arbors. That means, no arbor was ejected.
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