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WIP about deck texture. I have noticed that after I have remodeled the 3D model of the funnel (only very little tweaks about the grid), the AO map was no more well rendered on all the funnel, so I let the original model of the funnel. Can anyone explain me why ?

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
... sadly, the SH5 model represents the Rodney as built but not as it was in 1939 (and later).

The AA weaponary on the pictures does not look right. Can you add the 4.7 inch AA guns and platfroms with the octuple pompoms?
Yes, I see that the AA weaponary is not historical. Will change that. Same for Nelson. Will change depending on the year.

Originally Posted by SquareSteelBar View Post
I don't think so because there are not such entries [BBFlotShow, BBFloatMain] and never were in my Zones.cfg.
Can you send me your Zones.cfg file ? Personnaly, I need at least 4 eels, and the ship doesn't sink immediately. But I have a tweaked Zones.cfg.


Maybe I have to copy on other SH3 battleships zones to add the same zones for Nelson.
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