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Default SH4 vs 3d vision - convergence

I guess it's been a while since I have posted here last. Like several years, at least.

Anyway, I have a question concerning nVidia 3D Vision and SH4 convergence. I was just playing around with SH4 in 3D just recently - and yeah, like some opinions I've already read, it's pretty eye candy, but kind of distracting in some situations, and makes the whole persicope thing look like I'm watching a ballgame through a knothole in a fence (but binocular view is breathtaking) - but I'm curious about actually experiencing this novelty with as few headaches as possible.

Now the usual questions regarding the whole convergence issue is how to get it to work in the frst place, and I'm actually past that. I can save the settings and stuff, but I have seen some peculiar behavior - namely that it seems different convergence values are needed for almost every view.

What I mean is that convergence values for your desk are different from those needed for the in-sub view, for instance. Or that perisocpe view is different from both - and that zoomed in periscope view is different from all of those. This makes for a very disruptive experience since I switch between these views all the time. It would be okay if they were fairly close, but they are all over the place.

Has anyone come across this before?

I've read about some (maybe non-related) issues where the screen ratio had something to do with some graphics artifacting. Could it be another case where SH4 isn't playing nicely with a 16:9 screen?

I'd appreciate any input or comments. Thanks!
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