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Default I didnt mean nothing wrong

Originally Posted by asanovic7
Don't have much time, so sorry I can't reply to some things like mr. asanovic .
Cheers to everybody. Thanks to updated. Just wanted to say I'm close on resolving some issues with those explosions. And fixing some minor issues in files, like order. :rotfl: Hope I'll finish it for tomorrow, when I hope I will upload new files. And I hope noone hit any major bug so far.
There could never be enuf of this..
So cheers, again!
p.s. lord neuro, yeah, tennis team is the only thing you have now. hihihihi, though, that ivanovic girl is quite a smart looking girl. Would want to get into some nice conversations with her. New: Please, on the forum use english language, we can speak our languages for pm's. And restrain from makin provocations on national basis(komiska drzava, ustasa, partizan) or whatever "on the air". Do it on pm's! I would rather prefer you wouldn't cause it's idiotic!

Edit: I was a bit rash! That outburst faded away! ..
White theat "komšiska" i didnt think nothing wrong. I dont now how did u anderstud it but like i sead nothing bad. And our countries r nebors, and we use too live in the same country. For me personaly those were the hapy times. But never minde theat all the best for u . Like i saed i m glead sombady from thise prostora thite somthing good. I hope u will do same moore cool staf. And about the lengrig u see how my englis is going. But no problem.
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