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Originally Posted by Rubini
I mean a really actual rule, without policies, but this is just my opinion, donīt mind.
Edited: and i already read that since when it was posted.
Sorry Sir, but I see no policies in that stickey.
Just an agreed upon set of how we should do things.
To avoid permission problems down the line.

I myself posted I would follow it.
That I was Keelhauled does not negate my agreement to those guide lines.
Hitman sticked it on a majority factor.
I will not be the one to toss sand in the cogs.

That some things don't fit in with certian plans does not give us the right
to ignore and /or rewrite things that do not appeal to us.

On that note,
Please feel free to PM me to continue this debate.
I do not wish to take it where it is going to go in public.
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