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Originally Posted by XenonSurf View Post
For SH4 there is also a recent compilation done by Bleiente:

Ralles RealModPack V1.2final full

Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC V1.3single Update

It changes the visuals, makes the interior compartment's navigation much easier but also adds a lot of realism features. It's flexible as you can take out the most realistic-demanding things to make it easier if you want.

Before trying this mod I didn't like SH4 at all, but after using it for only a little while I discover an entire new game.
Thank you @ Xenon for the nice review.
Was a little surprised that you left no comment in my thread after our conversation.
But now I have found this nice statement here from you.

Ralles RealModPack V1.3 for SH4 V1.5

Secret Service (ESS)
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