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Originally Posted by Gigalocus
Basically, I was working my ass off in the Indian Ocean, and was rewarded with a new sub, fantastic I though, happily accepted, and began looking around my new sub ...

And, honestly I was dissapointed.

Problems include:

No Deck Gun

Worse AA Guns

No aft tubes

Lose my expensive upgrades on previous boat

No additional speed (Submerged or surfaced, the loss of the guns don't gain ANY speed? )

Lose expensive torpedoes from previous boat

But worst of all, the range. in my IX, I could easily get to the mission area, and make it back to a refuel point, before heading back out again. In this, despite going at low speeds, I can't even get 3/4 of way to the mission, let alone get back. And my Missions are always 'Patrol off Aden' or 'Sink 10,000 tonnes of Kenya' or 'Sink a task force before it reaches Ceylon' etc. But I can't get there!

So what am I supposed to do? Ignore the mission, or die trying to get there.

From what I've seen, the only advantage is the Walter propolsion system, which although great (28knts submerged! Wow) runs out quickly, and can hradly be used thanks to British destroyers.

About the loss of deck gun and AA, at first I thought it would be good, XXI style, ment to stay submerged, sleek fast! But no ... same old 7knts submerged.

Prehaps it dives quicker and longer ... never really though to check it out, I had NO fuel to spare.

So negatives: I have a weaker boat, with less range, impossible missions, incredibly unprotected, have to wast torpedoes on stationary ships, rubbish speed, loss of some crew and upgrades.

Compared to the positives of: A small time boost of speed, more forward tubes, from most angles its better looking then an IX ...

Right, so whats the point? Am I missing something? Whats so impressive? Is it amost impossible to detect with sonar? (Not that I'll get anywhere near the convoys, I'll be out of fuel at the Adamans) and I like my realism settings, I don't want unlimited fuel.

But why the XVIII? Why include a sub that was never deployed to the Indian, and never produced, to a U-boat that was produced, just not deployed in the Indian. Why not just give me a XXI? It makes ALOT more sense, and it would actually be worth it.

For now, I'm sticking with my IX!

Hi Gigalocus

It seems everyone has lost the point of your post.

It's unrealistic but, included for the Arcade players.

For realism stay with your IX boat if you can.


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