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Originally Posted by jldjs View Post
Second patrol from Dutch Harbor, May 21, 22:03 hrs . Cruising to Attu patrol area, S42 boat, surfaced, lousy weather, get radar contact of small group going WNW, bearing 197, speed fast, then CTD.

Originally Posted by jldjs View Post
I am not using the 3000 yard mod and definitely have Direct9x. Suspect there's a plane in the group approaching from bearing 197 causing the CTD.
How long was that plane on "radar" though... I don't think we've ever had a plane cause issues. There is an NKSS Catapult ship that you might be encountering there, which is supposed to be set to Type=102... which doesn't launch airplanes... and 3 different Chitose over the course of the Aleutians traffic file that do... The invasion fleet won't come by until late May / early June... There are Russian convoys that would be on that track also, but no other Japanese or American vessels, other than those mentioned... is that the Russian Kamchatka, or maybe Paramushir in the upper left corner of your screen grab? s7rikeback, could a skin on an airplane cause a CTD? The Chitose carries FSF1M, LBSH6K, and FBA6M2N between its two squadrons... ??

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