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Originally Posted by mark bonamer View Post

my OS is Win7-64 bit

as far as the thumbnail is concerned, it was only a screen print saved as a JPG. maybe 24k size wise. that is all there is to it.
it was meant to show you the LAA status of SH4. for some reason, subsim will not accept my copy/paste graphics of screen shots because they are too big. when i attempt to edit them using GIMP2 they save into jpg and that is what you see. if i could just perform a screen-print-copy-paste into subsim i would be overjoyed, enraptured, embalmed.

i am not understanding your nuance of resolution. my win7 monitor res is 1600x900 x 32bit color x 60 hz. if there is another setting you are interested in, let me know.

because of this and some of the feedback in Subsim, my SH4 settings are 1600x900 60 hz. that is why in used the 3000 yd tool 1600x.
Upload your screen grabs here - then in "Embed Codes" dropdown select "BBCodes full linked" copy the web address and post it with your reply within your forum post...

Thats what i always do, when posting pictures.

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