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Default At last

After sleepless nights I can finally switch off my manifold welding machine

Here is the result:

Each of the two obj files stored in the package contain all of the parts that you sent to me. For ease, I have regrouped the meshes as follows: one object for each funnel, one for superstructure and decks, one for the hull and one for the portholes. You might want to further group them before importing them in unit's dat file.
Each object has only one material, except for the superstructure which has three materials: one for the vertical surfaces, one for the decks, and one for the railings.

One of the obj files contains meshes whose vertices/edges have been conveniently merged. This should fix the unwanted hard edges seen on stern, funnels, bridge and elsewhere on the model. It should also sensibly reduce file size (lesser vertex/edges coordinates stored on file).
Meshes stored in the second object file have been subsequently edge-splitted where hard edges were needed. This implies an increase in vertex/edge coordinates (their final count should still be lesser than it was in th eoriginal files though), but it should fix the weird lighting effect seen on the rear superstructure. My suggestion is you to use meshes from this file.

In addition to that, I have remapped deck's UV projection and added in the zip file a new wooden deck texture. Feel free to scrap it or to edit it at wish.

Furthermore, there were some small topological errors and overlapping faces in the model. I fixed those errors as much as I could, but there still are some redundant faces (that shouldn't be visible in game, being totally occluded by other faces), missing faces, and what I think are misaligned objects. See the spoiler below for an example of what I am talking about:


Last: included in tbe package is a version of the main unit texture with better 2D portholes (in case they are still needed) and intermediate funnel/hull colors between Kendras' and my last version (exactly 50-50). With Kendra's colours the ship looks as if she was fresh from shipyard: very shiny/saturated, but a bit flat and too much glaring (especially the red funnels); on the other hand I like dirty textures with a lot of 2D/3D detail painted on them (maybe too much at times). Let me know what you think about this third version, and we will eventually find a good balance between the two extremes
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