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gear "VonDos & Co" shipyard! (big images!)

Hi everyone!

Due to problems with the number of images available for each post, I decided to change the setting of my old Shipyard page; are gathered here all my ships, with links to the download link.
All models are done modifying others with authors autorizathions, using 3Ditor, pack3d, Photoshop, Maya and the old Paint utility.
Thanks everyone help me in those works.
All ships are JSMGE Compatible!

All ships are fully compatible with GWX and others Big Mod.
Enjoy ^_^

I'll post also here info about new and reworked ships !

ATTENTION!! Shipyard re-opened in 2016 after years of disuse!

- Greats ocean liners (QM, Aquitania, QE, Empress of Britain, Normandie, Rex, Titanic, USS West Point, 3 funnels liner)
- Warships (RM Aquila, RM Duilio, RM Zara, RM Trento, RM Montecuccoli, RM Da Giussano, RM Capitani Romani, RM San Giorgio, RHN G.Averof, HMS Glorious, HMS Warspite, HMS Belfast, HMS D class, SS\HMS Queen Of Bermuda)
- Hospital ships and small liners (Gradisca, Dnepr, Laconia, Arandora Star, Esperia )
- Others (Paddle tug, sil files ecc.)

Great ocean liners ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) RMS Queen Mary in Cunard and GrayWar Colors
This replace all precedent versions (first one was released in 2008!). Totally reworked version. Thanks to author of the original model, UBOAT234
V3.0 credits: Thanks to the_frog for weapons library "guns-uk" (latest version included, with permission)
Thanks to Jimbuna, the_frog, gap, Kendras and others for info, beta test and advices, texture improvemets and help with light effects. Please read included documentation for other credits related with previous versions.

d\l Cunard RMS Queen Mary V3.01:

2) RMS Aquitania in GrayWar and Cunard Colors
reworked NLUS_ from GWX, original model by UBOAT234; post added old style pipes from AOTD|MadMax (Armed and fixed 09/05/2008)

d\l Cunard RMS Aquitania:

3) RMS Queen Elizabeth in Cunard and GrayWar Colors
Based on Queen Mary, that was based on "Grey Ghost" Queen Mary from UBOAT234, and rebuilded during construction for solve "sitting duck" problem, using working SS Normandie for base. (Armed and fixed 09/07/2008)

d\l Cunard RMS Elizabeth:

4) RMS Empress of Britain in Canadian Pacific and various dazzle Colors
Based on UBOAT234 Queen Mary, heavy reworked, dressed with IAMBECOMELIFE skins. (Armed and fixed 09/05/2008, v2.0 10/21/2017)

d\l Empress Of Britain

5) SS Normandie french liner in CGT Colors
Based on UBOAT234 Cunard Liner and AOTD_MadMax NTUS, heavy reworked, dressed with IAMBECOMELIFE based skins: thanks everyone, and thanks Paul.Saenger for beta tests! (Armed and fixed 09/05/2008)

d\l SS Normandie:

6) REX NGI Italian Line SuperLiner
based on UBOAT234 queen mary model, heavy reworked and reproportioned; features different funnel's smoke; updated with right cfg, ge, en and sil files by AOTD_MadMax; thanks! (Armed and fixed 09/05/2008)

d\l REX:

7) RMS Titanic 1912, WWI era ocean liner
Based on Aquitania, and on a 3d model. For the singolar developing history, there are lot of credits for this ship, please readme the included readme! Do it! (Armed and fixed 09/05/2008)

d\l RMS Titanic:

8) USS West Point, converted troop transport, ex ss America
Based on UBOAT234 Queen Mary and SH3 standard liner. Thanks to Evan82 and Duval for beta tests.

d\l RMS USS West Point:

9) Old 3 funnels ocean liner - generic big unit
Multiskin, time-line unit intended to represent a lot of 3 funnels ships who still in service in WW2 era.
Thanks to the_frog for weapons library "guns-uk" (latest version included, with permission)
Thanks to bigboywooly, Stefan Thimme and Anvar1061 for beta tests and advices!
Thanks to authors of the old original models who ispired this one: UBOAT234 & AOTD_MadMax

d\l Old 3 funnels ocean liner (generic big unit):
Released 11/21/2018

Warships ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10) RM Duilio Refitted Caio Duilio Class Battleship
Based on Gerome's Roma, can be considered best italian battleship after Littorio class; guns configurations improved with evan82's great help! 2016 update with JapLance and Kovall 's guns librarys, the first one including italian 381mm guns from Jeff-Groves (Privateer)!

d\l RM Duilio battleship:

11) RM Aquila italian aircraft carrier
version 2.0, based on Gerome Graf Zeppelin, heavy reworked, include Vaa guns and lights library; Thanks to FAHNENBOHN for tests and improvements to guns nodes; please read included readme.txt for others credits and info.

d\l RM Aquila Carrier: [URL=[/URL]

12) RM Zara class heavy cruiser
Based on Gerome73's Zara, rescaled and with italian guns. A.I. scout plane Ro.43 by Gerome73 included as air unit. Guns library by JapLance (inclunding 381mm from Jeff-Groves\Privateer), improved by Stefan Thimme.
Best italian WW2, they operated in mediterranean sea.

d\l RM Zara class heavy cruisers:

13) RM Trento class heavy cruiser
Based on kovall converted model and Duilio's skin.
A very fast class of 3 heavy cruisers, they operated in mediterranean sea.

d\l RM Trento class heavy cruiser:

14) RM Montecuccoli class light cruiser
Based on kovall converted model and heavy reworked Duilio's skin, include a seaplane from Gerome73.
This was the third evolution of Condottieri class fast light cruisers. Reuploaded fixed 03/23/11

d\l RM Montecuccoli class light cruiser:

15) RM Da Giussano class light cruiser
Based on kovall converted model and heavy reworked Duilio's skin, include a seaplane from Gerome73.
This was the first evolution of Condottieri class fast light cruisers.

d\l RM Da Giussano class light cruiser:

16) RM Capitani Romani class light cruiser
Special thanks to JapLance, who give me permission to convert his original (and wonderfull!) model from SHIV, and for italian guns library (Includes SH3 italian 381mm guns from Privateer\Jeff-Groves! Thanks!)
Thanks also to itadriver (beta tester). Version 1.2 (command deck fixed 7/28/16)

d\l RM Capitani Romani class light cruiser:

17) RM San Giorgio armored cruiser
Based on Von Helsching's Averof model, includes weapons by Privateer (thanks!).
A veteran unit, built in 1908, she fought in 3 wars: Italy vs Turkey, WWI and WW2. Self-destroyed in january 1942 in Tobruk, where she spent her WW2 time defending harbour.

d\l RM San Giorgio armored cruiser:

18) RHN Georgios Averof Pisa Class armored cruiser
Based on two Georgios Averof models, from Von Helsching and Dimitris. A small "make up" work on an old unit, with reworked command dech, funnels and pipes, and increased ship width (from blueprints). 10\24\2008 updated version includes weapons by Privateer (thanks!)

d\l RHN Georgios Averof Armored Cruiser:

19) RN H.M.S. GLORIOUS Early war aircraft carrier, converted cruiser.
Based on Revenge, Illustrious and SH4 USS Carrier, realized with the help of Privateer, Rowi58, Hunter, Iambecomelife and Duval (help in construction, suggestions and tests) and with a lot of suggestion from all the community; thanks!

d\l RM Glorious Carrier:

20) RN H.M.S. WARSPITE Refitted Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship (Multiskin)
Based on GWX Multiskins Revenge BB, a very glorious british Battleship; she survived both world wars, with 3 majors refitts; now sadly scrapped.

d\l RN HMS Warspite Battleship:

21) RN H.M.S. BELFAST\EDINBURGH Town class, Belfast subclass cruiser
Based on JapLance SHIV model, thanks to Jeff-Groves for help with a really weird nodes problem and to itadriver for beta tests!

d\l RN HMS Belfast \ Edinburgh:

22) RN H.M.S. D Class lighr cruiser
Based on SH5 converted KM Emden light cruiser by rowi58, with thanks to Stefan Thimme for great help with .sim, .zon e .sil files, for beta tests, glass material and advices, and thanks to the_frog who help me with advices and with problems related to lights, and for let me use his wonderful gun's library, included in this pack! Fixed 10/21/2017

d\l RN HMS D Class:

23) SS \ H.M.S. Queen of Bermuda Ocean liner - Amc - Troop Transport
Based on SH5 converted Rawalpindi Auxiliary Cruiser, and my other precedent units for small parts (structure of unit is also based on my Empress of Britain and Queen Mary from UBOAT234). Thanks to Subsim community for help in develope my most complex and "experimental" project (as someone say me).Thanks to Jeff-Groves, Gap, Kendras, Wise and the_frog and everyone give me ideas\advice\helps about realize this strange, weird, funny work. Huge thanks for the_frog who help me with strange lights\reflections problems, and for propellers bronze finiture..

d\l link: if you've Walrus plane in your installation, or
d\l link: if you've CTD

NOTE: This version replace all previous ones. If you've previous version installed, please unistall\remove them before place this new version.

Those, others and WIP ships are avaiable in my SHIPYARD here:

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