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Default SUCCESS!!!

I have found the cause of the CTD that occurs when loading a saved game after depth charges have been dropped and exploded . . .

The icebergs in the campaign.RND file.

For whatever reason, once I deleted RndGroup 1 through RndGroup 50 (Iceberg_39_01 through Iceberg_43_09) I no longer experience CTD.

I have no idea what's up with this, or why it happens, only that it does.


It is the mentioned icebergs for stock, NYGM and WAC, but not for GWX Gold. The file structure for GWX Gold is different, although it is still the icebergs that cause the issue.

CORRECTION?UPDATE: After further testing I discovered I'd been incorectly modifying for testing the _RND campaign file. Although that file is what is causing the CTD I have not, as yet, fixed the problem.

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