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Hi schlechter pfennig,

for a start let me congratulate with you, because I love the concept that this mod is based on, and also the fact that it integrates some "immersion" factors, such as visual and sound FX.

As others have already noted, TheDarWraith/RacerBoy had tried in the past something similar, and using a similar approach to your mod (DC explosion-spawned bold effects), though concentrating exclusively on gameplay factors. I don't see anything substantially wrong in that approach, but unfortunately that mod too was known for crashing the game. I am sorry to say that but, at this point, both mods causing CTD's might not be a mere cohincidence.

My suggestion to further investigate the problem, in case you want to go through another cycle of tests, is breaking the mod in small pieces: try separating the gameplay, visual, and audio aspects of it, creating three separate mods with just the essential controllers. If only one (or two) of them will still crash the game, you'll have narrowed down the problem. If on the contary no crashes are recorded this time, it is possible that some of the features of the main mod are clashing with each other. If that was the case, I would use one of the three sub-mods recently tested as base for a new set of tests, and I would start adding features from the other two mods to it, one by one. Hopefully, by following this method, you will eventually track down the problem. I say hopefully because there are some topics related with SH-modding, and with computer science in general, that go beyond our human problem-solving abilities
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