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Icon1 Suggestions? lets make some!

I have somme suggestions for wolfpack.
You should base it of the uboat U-219 for the final finish. Add all the supplies,beds,torpedoes and even add more stations.

-Add or base of U-219 from Das Boat

-Add more stations(And levels like easy if you just want to use the 4 main sions
+Like reloading torpedoes, logistics, and others
+Easy, medium ,hard (For amount of players)

-Add the diving max, if you dive to much you get crushed
+add random if you go to far down sometimes you might be able to
survive like they did in 'Das Boot'

-Randomize the position of the first mission destroyer
+ Make it so it is not in the same place all of the time but make it far down in the bay

-Don't make so one person can just command 1, its not fun then. I love going around, its makes it a challenge.
+ you can limit down to 2 people just not 1 please
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