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areo16 is correct, the names are read from the EnglishNames.cfg file (or GermanNames.cfg depending on the language you use in the editor). Thus, if the file does not include all the ships in your installation, you will not find all the ship names.

When I coded this part I thought about getting the names from SH3 (This would also have the advantage that the corresponding tonnage could directly be inserted and thus, the player would not have to check the tonnage of the ship). However, I decided to leave it like it is now because
  • I wanted to keep it simple. Currently the user does not need to provide the SH3 path, but just has to copy a file
  • I thought everyone has a correct *Names.cfg file
  • The correct ship name is not crucial for the program to work. Your input is judged based on the tonnage and not the ship names (it's only important for SH3 Commander's ship name feature).
Actually, the current way allows a player to add generic entries (small merchant, medium merchant,...) if it is desired (except SH3 Commander's naming would not work properly, s. posts above).

Regards, LGN1
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