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Hi igorlikespike,

I'm sorry about the CTD. In order to help you I need more information.

My current understanding:
You installed the mod on NYGM(?) and got conflicts, but continued anyway. You made one patrol without any problems sinking one ship. You finished the patrol, used the exe while in port, and then wanted to start a new patrol. However, you got a CTD when loading the game(?).

Can you please tell me which mod you are using? Can you also please tell me where the game exactly crashes (while loading the patrol, still in the main menu, while loading the 3d part,...)?

Can you also please try to start the next patrol without the jsgme part? As pointed out earlier, this is not neccessarily required (without it no game files are changed at all, only the save-game files).

It would be also great if you could post the latest log_X.cfg, careers.cfg, careers_0.cfg, patrols.cfg, and patrols_0.cfg files from the save game folder since these five files are the only files changed by the exe. A CTD due to the exe must be related to an error in these five files.

Regards, LGN1

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