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Originally Posted by Admiral Halsey View Post
Ok so it's the mod itself causing the problem. No clue why though since it shouldn't effect anything to do with the Flotillas.
Hello Admiral Halsey!!
I recently reinstalled the game and continue to test the final version of the future Even at the time of testing without using SH3Commander, I also got crashes, but using mod GWX 3 Wilhemshafen, St Naz, Schluese and xtra ships V7. It happened in Wilhemshafen, and Kiel, and where possible has been at boot campaigns. Adjusting that to reinstall the game, I used all the same set-mods (which is true in many ways I tweaked) that even after reinstallation. All this has led me to a dead end. I had to roll back all the mods try to stock GWX3.0, where all the goods have already been excellent, even in GWX - Merged Campaign. Perhaps the reason was considerably altered my mods, I do not know (remember, before the game starts without problems), but it looks like I'm almost close to the issue. But here's how it relates to fleets, it is necessary also to check. If you wish to help test, I can transfer the files for reference.
Good luck

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