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When I start SH3 I get some message "The procedure entry point.. something something" referencing Direct DLL or something and the game crashes. Can't get even into the intro screen.

Fresh install of SH3, GWX. I could post my list if it would help.

Do I need to set something else?

Ok so it works fine after I click the "OK" button about 40 times lol. I've read that other people have this error and it has to do with the latest GEFORCE EXPERIENCE thing...
Anyway, it is an annoying message that pops up consecutively a bunch of times and I just keep hitting "OK" until the game runs and everything is fine.

It looks beautiful by the way! Thanks again Ahnenerbe! Wonderful work and finally I can play SH3 in wide screen. I may just have to uninstall SH5 now!!!


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