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Originally Posted by Sailor Steve View Post
At the start of every new career I do a quick trip around the harbor on August 1, 1939.

Oh, I forgot that WAC is starting just before the war actually begins, and it's a training mission according to the doc. That's exactly what I need...So I can leave port, do the training and return. I will save outside the port and then make the settings in the SH3C before re-entering bunker using the 'Set Days in Bunker'.

Thanks very much to refresh my memory

My question is somewhat shocking because recently I had another thread in which I have proposed to change the savegame, (it was a problem with SH3 + GWX), but I realise now that I haven't warned to make a BACKUP before trying ... I hope I'll find the thread again so I can edit my response.

Thanks and cheers!
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