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My apologies for the missing crew pictures which at the moment is beyond my control.

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube > How to install the mod enabler JSGME

You do not need to follow the first part of this JSGME Tutorial as you already have the Application in your Download.
Start at Time 0.44

Alternative Tutorial > Start at Picture 2 optional finish at Picture 18.

Post #4 JSGME Installing It Correctly

YouTube > How to patch Silent Hunter 5 to v1.2 official patch

YouTube > Real Navigation Easy (sobers mega mod) Silent Hunter 5

YouTube > Silent Hunter 5 (sobers mega mod) gameplay Baltic Operation

YouTube > How to do a patrol search using automation scripts

YouTube > How to install the Snorkel

Do not make any other changes to the Option File Editor Viewer.

The Hud showing in these Tutorials are different to the one in sobers New Mega Mod

CREW ORDERS > Representative

Watch Officer > Dieter Epp

1. Deck Gun Control > Aim
1. Deck Gun Control > Range
2. Flak Gun Control > Target
2. Flak Gun Control > Range

3. Orders To Crew
3.1 Orders to Navigator
3.1 Orders to Navigator
3.2 Orders to Chief
3.3 Orders to the radio operator.

Chief Engineer > Josef Erdmann
1.1 Special Orders > Repair
3. Depth Control
4. Engine Control
5. Battery Control

Executive Officer (XO) > Erich von Dobenecker

Navigatorr > Emil Dubler

Radioman > Wlfram Raabe

Soundman > Benne Schau

Bosun > Herbert Heine

Cook > Olaf Hacklander

Motor Officer > Will Pelz

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