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How to Start A New Campaign Instructions.
1 At the Main Menu.

2 Select New Campaign.

3 Give your Captain a New Name or accept the default one.

4 On the right part of the screen under the text in an empty area type silentotto See Picture.

5 Click on a Campaign you would like to play.

6 Select the Level of Difficulty Low > Medium > High > Realistic or accept the default “Medium.”

7 Real Navigation 100% Players should select the “Realistic” Setting.

8 Click Start Game and the game will load to the Bunker.

9 In the Bunker press the Keyboard Esc Key and then “Exit to Main Menu” by following the prompts.

10 Click Continue Campaign.

Real Navigation 100% Players with Realistic now go to No16.

Players who do not wish to make any Game Play Setting Changes now go to No 16

Players wanting to make Game Play Setting Changes must follow 11 >12 >13 >14 instructions and then continue from 15.

11 Back in the Bunker for the second time press the Keyboard Esc Key.

12 Select Options and make your Game Play Setting changes and Apply Changes.

13 Select Save Game and type in a Save Game Reference and press Save.

14 Exit to Main Menu.

15 Press Continue Campaign.

16 Equipment Upgrades (Not Baltic Operation Memel)
Go to the Flotilla Technical Officer Herbert Vockel.

17 Go to the Operations Officer Hans Georg Weber and select “What are my Mission Orders.”

18 Press Skip (optional) Stops Speech.
Request a Mission and an Icon will appear against the selected mission.
Press the X to Exit.

19 Go to the Operations Officer again and select “Let’s start the new patrol.”

20 The game will now load to the Bridge.

This mega mod has been designed to be played with the "Real Navigation" mod enabled with the "Realistic" setting which is 100% game play.

Mare Nostrum Campaign.
The game will load in Kiel and not La Spezia.
You need to select the mission "Breakthrough Gibraltar"

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