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Originally Posted by Darthun View Post

I'm new to submarine simulators. I'm enjoying HMS Marulken immensely. I like that we have to dial in everything manually. I hope they don't make Wolfpack too easy by slaving the periscope to the torpedo direction... Anyways...

I need help with determining the angle of bow using only the map in HMS Marulken. I came up with a solution, but i'm not sure it's correct.

Here is what i came up with, please help me verify it.

0. Full stop.
1. Take a distance measurement and angle of enemy ship.
2. Draw a line using that angle and distance from the sub to the position of the ship.
3. Wait 1-2 minute.
4. Take a new distance measurement of the same ship.
5. Draw a line to the new ship position using the new angle and distance.

Here is where it gets tricky...

My logic : If the new position is on top of the line of the old position, then it means the enemy ship is either moving towards us or away from us, at a perfect 180 or 0 angle. Using this fact, i calculate the offset angle between the 2 point using the following method. If i'm wrong, please be very descriptive in how to fix it. words are hard when talking geometry.

6. place cursor on position 1.
7. get the angle from position 1 to the submarine. (for reference)
this should be the opposite of the measurement in step 1.
8. draw a line from position 1 to position 2.
9. note the angle once at position 2.
10. angle of position 2 - angle of position 1 = offset. note that offset.
11. If the ship moved to the east: 0 + offset = angle of bow.
12. If the ship moved to the west: 360 - offset = angle of bow.

Short version :

Take 2 positions of the enemy ship.
if he was at a 0 angle towards you, the new position would be on the same line. Because it's most likely not, measure the angle Ship-Point1-Point2.
If the ship moved east do 0 + angle. If he moved west, 360 - angle.

Bonus question :

What speed do the torpedo moves in this game ?
Oscar says the torpedoes in the demo run at 20 meters per second. I like your AOB calculation, you may find it a challenge to work during combat, though. Coming to a full stop is not a practical technique in our game, your engineer may report he is unable to hold periscope depth without so forward way.

The TDC in Wolfpack will be very much like that in the demo, with one exception: the TDC in Marulken tracks the target and keeps position based on the data you feed it. That's how the US subs worked, but not the German U-boats. U-boats did not have the same position keeping capabilities; once you dial in a solution on the U-boat, the only data that gets updated is the bearing, based on where you are pointing the scope--the bearing is slaved to the scope (or UZO), but that does not mean the torpedo will be slaved to the scope (except in snapshot mode). Your firing solution degrades the longer you wait between inputting the last data and firing. This will be as realistic as we can make it.
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