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Originally Posted by steeljackal View Post
There are:

1) PzGr39-1 --> AP,HE,HEAT?
2) PzGr39HL --> AP,HE,HEAT?
3) SprGr L-4,5 --> AP,HE,HEAT?

1) PzGr39-1 is Panzergranate armor piercing capped, ballistic Cap (APCBC for 88mm L/71; Granate 39 Hl G 39 H1 high explosive Anti-tank (HEAT) for 88mm L/56; Spgr is Sprenggranate High Explosive (HE); what you have not listed is the Panzergranate 40/43 Pzgr40/43 Armor piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) for KwK 88mm L/71 used on the PzKpfw VI B King Tiger as opposed to the PzKpfw VI E tiger with the KwK 36 L/56 barrel; and ever important Nbgr; smoke !! Of the 1354 E Tigers built total, part of that count is 'rebuilds' from heavily damaged- salvaged Tigers. Altogether a bad investment of resources as it is more a defence tank rather than an attack tank, requiring 4 times the cost of the superb IV series (5400 more IV's vs 1345 VI's) tank. The Tiger needed infantry flank support and had to have the outer combat wheels removed for train transport...a time consuming process when trying to move at 'panzer' speed? In the acid test of Kursk, the T-34 's simply rammed the Tigers point-blank and the horrendous delay for the arrival of the untested faulty Panthers cost Germany the climactic battle, all further Eastern Front offense,.....and the war.
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