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Originally Posted by VonDos
Originally Posted by wizardmatt
hey vondos. congratulations on your great work, congrats also to those who preceeded you. ive spent the last coupla days downloading all your models, im gonna add them to my game the next time im in port.
i have a question tho. if i just follow the installation instructions given in the readmes, will they appear in the campaign? or do i have to take another step for this to happen?
cheers in advance. keep up the good work (give us more battleships, and warships!)

About QE, QM, Empress, Rex, Gradisca, Aquitania and Normandie, they're generic liner, so they'll randomly appear in campaign, on liners routes.
If you want them in a particolar harbour, convoy or situation, you must script them using mission editor or notepad on campaign script file (backup before).

The same for HMS Warspite, generic gb battleship, but better if you script her.

RN Aquila need to be scripted; in GWX there aren't italian CV
nice one, thanks
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