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Originally Posted by Eichhornchen View Post
Thanks again; got the sim today and installed it. Would you believe it, there's not even a manual on the disc! So your extremely helpful links to the quick-start guide and SimDeck video in particular, are timely indeed.

I hope it's not a bad sign, but the "tutorial" just won't start. However, the mission-setup interface functions just fine and, as you say, I'm just going to have to be patient and learn the ropes first. Squirrels and heavy armour may ultimately prove incompatible, but I want to give this a try; other tank sims have all been a bit of a disappointment with either third-person viewpoint only, cruddy graphics or both.

I have the Gamersgate version and after installation, the manuals (tanks, tactics and controls, in the updated version anyway) are in the folder Steel Armour Blaze of War/Docs/Support.

Maybe you have installed the April update and patch already but if not, for the GG version anyway, the update process is unusual; drop the downloaded update (filename something like sabow_apr15_patch_eng.gt2extension) into the install folder, double-click the batch file update.cmd (also in the install folder) and use the dialogue window which then opens to locate and enable the update. That's the process for the GG version, likely for the disc version, too.
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